Binayak Drill Care Enterprises

We are proud to have provided service for 35+years and counting. 

Binayak Drill Care Enterprises provides you with drilling equipment, repairs, spare parts, and consulting facilities. We help companies who are seeking an easy and efficient way to get their job done. Smooth running and functioning of your machines are our priority.

Here are some of the basic products we offer:

Internal combustion gasoline rockdrill– 

  • Breaking, cutting, and drilling capabilities.
  • Gas driven – no need for cables, power packs, hoses, or compressors.
  • Easy to use, maintain, and service.
  • Cuts capital, running, transport, and storage costs.
  • Powered by a single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke engine.
  • Drills at a rate of 10-12 in./min. with a 33.02mm. bit.
  • Weighs 26.76kg, making it easy to transport.

Repairs – All repairs are done by well-qualified and trained professionals.

Spare parts – Only genuine parts are sold for the satisfaction and long life of your machines.

Manual rock spitters  – We provide you with the best quality rock splitters for manual purposes. 


Dedicated towards development of Nepal 

A phone call away

We provide solutions and consulting facilities via Calls and video conference .

Get in touch today

We will love to connect with you on your queries t0 provide best solutions.

We service all sector 

We are not limited only to portable handheld drill machines but we provide special training on Heavy machines , earth movers as well. 


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