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YN-27C portable Rock drill 

Product Description :

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: YN27C gasoline rock drills or petrol driven rock drill machine is powered by a gasoline engine, without using an air compressor, a very efficient machine with the characters that the structure is very compact, less of the-easy-to-damage-parts, and very easy to control. It can adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power. It is a kind of hand-held drill built up with a gasoline engine, air pump, rock drill, and the rotation plum bum equipment for running or stop. It can be used as a tool for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping besides rock. 
Main Characteristics

1.Easy to operate, just turn the handle to make it work.

2.Time and labor saving, drilling fast and high efficiency.

3.First-class level drilling tools, suitable for a site without power or pressure equipment, it has wide adaptability for high mountain
and plain, extreme temperature (40 to -40).

4.Used to drill vertical downward holes (max depth 6) and <45 upward holes.

5.Light drilling tools, only 27kg, easy to carry.


Type:                                    Gasoline (Diesel Engine)

Color:                                   Yellow

Model Name/Number:          YN27C GASOLINE PETROL DRILL

Drill Depth:                           6'Mtr

Weight:                                27Kg

Dimensions :                       746x315x229mm

Dia of Engine Piston:          58mm

Stroke of Engine Piston:     70mm

Rotating Speed of Engine:  2450R/min

Rotating Speed of Drill Rod:250R/min

Oil Consumption:                  120mlP/min

Tank Capacity:                      1.65Ltr

Shank Size:                          Hex 22x108mm


Pionjar 120 (Reconditioned)

The Pionjar has an enviable record for delivering low-cost, high-performance breaking and drilling solutions. This gas tool easily breaks up asphalt and concrete and can even restore the working surface by compacting sand, rubble, and stone after digging and breaking. The Pionjar is ideal for tie tamping, drilling, anchoring, concrete cutting, post-driving, splitting large boulders, and more. Easy to transport in its protective wooden case, the Pionjar is quick to set up on location. All of the controls are together for easy operation. Ignition is simple with just a quick pull to the start cord. Users also appreciate Pionjar’s soft-grip handles for extra comfort and its service-friendly reputation.

Technical Specifications:
Length:                             29"
​Depth:                              20' Ft. with 1" Bit
Displacement:                  11.3 in
Strokes:                            2600 to 2800 RPM
Weight:                             57 lbs
Drill Rate:                         10-12 in per minute with 1.3" bit
Drill Steel Rot.:                 250 RPM
Fuel Tank:                         0.33 gal
Fuel Mixture:                     1:12 (8%)
Fuel Consumption:            0.4 gal./hr.
Carburetor:                        Floatless Manual Needle Valve
Ignition System:                Thyristor Type Breakerless 
Tool Chuck:                       7/8” x 4 1/4"







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